El Paso Crime Scene Cleanup will, when required, implement immediate preservation measures to prevent the possibility of further damage to your home or business in El Paso, TX. In this way, damage and inconvenience are minimized from the beginning of the claim. Importantly, site safety is also maintained immediately. When dealing with a crime or suicide scene, you must first call the police and let them begin their investigation. After the scene is released, then it’s time to remediate the scene immediately. A body on a death scene, if not discovered in time, will turn into decomposition and the odor can be very disturbing to deal with. We do not recommend trying to clean a death scene yourself. If you are not experienced in dealing with biohazard waste and wearing the proper PPE, it’s not going to be safe to clean and sanitize a death scene. El Paso Crime Scene Cleanup is always available in El Paso and the surrounding cities for all biohazard remediation. An unattended death scene needs to be cleared out right away to keep bacteria from spreading throughout the property. Death scenes like suicides, homicides, medical accidents, and natural deaths, are what we specialize in restoring back to normal living and working conditions.

After assessing the severity of the death scene, removal of the debris is the first step in remediating a crime or trauma scene. El Paso Crime Scene Cleanup will conduct debris removal and initial deodorization as a foundation for the rest of the remediation process that will follow for your home or business. Depending on the severity of the property damage, debris removal will be done by experienced and insured cleaning specialists to make sure the property is safe to occupy again. All of our trucks are unmarked for the discretion of our clients in need of our services. We can bill your homeowners or business insurance as these services are covered by the insurance companies leaving you a very small deductible to pay out of pocket.